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Mental Self Care Workshops

Try Out New Creative Practices


Three Hopeful Hearts Workshop

Discover new ways of coping with grief and anxiety as Nikki from Three Hopeful Hearts goes over some of her favorite practices to manage grief and anxiety.


How to Meditate

Rowdy LeMasters describes the importance of meditation, how to begin, and ways to fit it into your day. Follow along with some easy exercises and start your journey to a happier, healthier mind.


Art Therapy Tutorial

Watch local artist Jenie Milner paint what she calls Fractured Faces inspired by all the faces she has seen on video calls. This tutorial explains free flowing art techniques that you can use to relax.

Pile Of Books

Poem Creation

Follow along with Rise Above teens as they present a self-expression poem format that allows you to reflect on yourself through the form of poetry!


Art Therapy Tutorial 2

Follow along with Erica as you learn to make beads and toilet paper role faces! 

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